An Exceptional Neighbourhood

Established over 350 years ago, St James’s has always been a setting for extravagant food, fashion and art, and the area has since cultivated a reputation for goods and services of the highest order.

The Height of Fashion

British craftsmanship is the envy of the world and many of the countries finest tailors and craftspeople have been attracted to this corner of London for Centuries.

Whilst St James’s has a reputation as the home of British menswear, Mayfair now houses some of the world’s leading modern heritage brands and boutique fashion houses.


A culinary destination

Whatever your taste

Whether seeking a Michelin starred dining experience, or a relaxed venue for
brunch, St James’s and its neighbouring locales are home to some of the best
places to eat and drink in London.



Enjoy buckwheat blinis and caviar at one of the UK’s oldest restaurants

From all-day dining in grand restaurants like The Ritz and The Wolsley, to some of the most distinguished food merchants – Paxton & Whitfield for cheese, and Berry Brothers & Rudd for wine and spirits – St James’s has it all.


With some of London’s most prestigious hotels and bars situated just minutes from your doorstep, residents at 35 Old Queen Street will be spoilt for choice on places to unwind after a busy day.

The Avenue Restaurant in St James's.
Vintage wine displayed at Berry Brothers & Rudd.

A haven of nature and tranquility

Providing a relaxing setting for residents of 35 Old Queen Street, neighbouring St James’s Park is filled with an eclectic mix of wildlife, elegant pathways, manicured gardens and a peaceful lake.

Spring flowers in the park.
The famous pelicans of St James’s Park.

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